Saturday, May 19, 2007

...One Search to bind them all...

Google integrates their various search engines into one. Is history?

Well, not quite. But there are some great new ways to search for maps and businesses directly from, First, note that the man
y sub-search areas that used to be on Google are gone, i.e "images", "news", "video" and "maps". The new home page is very clean. Google calls it "Universal Search" -- and the results are a blended set.

Those speciality search areas are still available, and still somewhat more powerful than the Google home page, but now they're located in the upper left corner.

But the good news is, now you can type in your favorite local search directly from Check it out -- "steakhouses, San Antonio". And if you click on the thumbnail map, you get the regular maps page. Just the thought of a big t-bone at "Mortons" makes me hungry. Sweet!

Just one more example, "seafood in Jacksonville, FL". And there's my favorite, Clark's Fish Camp. "Alligator fritters anyone?"

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