Sunday, April 29, 2007

How do I get my business listed on Google Maps?

My business isn't listed on Google Maps. Why not? or... The information listed on my business on Google Maps is wrong. How do I fix it?

This must be one of the most common questions asked by business owners. Here are some answers!

1. Take charge of your listing. Take ownership of what Google Maps displays. Go to the Google Local Business Center and register your business. Verification is required. Use the telephone verification me
thod, if it is available. (Google will show you a PIN on the PC, then they'll call your number, and you enter the PIN. Takes 20 sec.). This is by far the easiest method. It's free, and you do not have to buy Google Ads. AND it will overwrite whatever Google Maps is currently showing. If it's a new business, you'll see the changes right away. If it's an update to an existing business, that can take 3-4 weeks.

2. On the "more info" page, at the bottom is a link that says "Business Owners: Add/Edit Your Business" and a link to the LBC above. Most people don't know this link is here, probably because it is often below the fold on the page. Google really should make this link more prominent.
3. Finally, if you still can't get your business corrected. Leave me a comment, and I'll try to help. I bet you won't find that statement on any other Google Maps blog!

Here's what does not work...sending an email flame to Google, writing a nasty letter to Larry Page, or having your attorney threaten to sue Google. Google Maps gets its data from public sources such as web pages and other public data sources, i.e. 411 service. If you really have a problem with your 411 listing, it's not Google's fault. Call the 411 service.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't Ireland listed in the country list in the Local Business Center - it means I can't get listed as it will not allow my telephone number and postcode format!


Daniel said...

Hey, if you can see why my business is not listed in the


that would be great! My shop is:

LAS OLAS oceanmarket
441 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

I have an adwords account and have listed it multiple times with google local business center, to no avail.

I really appreciate any and all help you may provide!

Daniel James

David Tussey said...
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David Tussey said...

Daniel - when you went to the LBC, did you select "surf shop" as the category.

Your current categories are: Categories: Entertainment - Beaches, Retail Stores

Did you receive confirmation on your LBC listing? Did you go through the verification process? Because that method is pretty foolproof. So am trying to see what might have gone wrong.


Jonathan said...

Hi David,

I waswondering if you could help me.

I own a small company called Red River Trading Company in Boston, MA.

I registered with Google Local Business Center and Maps. Yet I am not even appearing in the google local listings.

When I go to google maps

And type in my company name, my website does not even appear. Honestly I am at wits end. From a SEo perspective I am happy with my results. But I really need to show up in Google Local. I have been trying everthing for two years....editing my LBC profile, adding photos etc still nothing. Google has been no help either. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Jon Golnik
owner, Red River Trading Co.

Rich said...

I'm trying to get website address to show up right next the the business name, instead of the link where it has , I would like the business web address. I have edited the Business Centre account info for this business and included the business web address...but still haven't seen any changes. Will wait a few more weeks, but I'm not even sure I did it correctly.

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate any help you can send our way. My business is no longer listed under google maps.
Numa's Florist in Wantagh, NY 11793

Please advise.


Anonymous said...

I have problem with a competitor who has put in many fake addresses into the Google maps. He completely dominates the map listings that show up for any relevant search in the metroplex. Out of ten listings he is 4-7 of them. What do I do?

Warren said...

hi - if you could help that would be great - search "sklar center" and it shows my wrong address (the katella one) if you click the actual link then it shows the correct address (5000 e spring) I have the LBC listing correct and entered it in apr 08 but it is still wrong. thanks!

The Balboa Inn said...

Yes, Panama isn't listed either yet there's a place called Cerrito Tropical in panma that IS listed.
So there must be a way....

Jo said...

Hi there,
I used to be on googlemaps but i am not any more. I verified my business, but it still got the info that my listing is unverified. My company name Just Prefect, and i would like to be listed as carpet cleaning manchester (uk). Thank you for any help.

Anonymous said...

My google maps has the wrong website listed for my company, i have looked in the business centre and my website is correct, but why is google maps showing the in correct web link?

Anonymous said...

My business was listed by google maps. I'm a doctor and I tried to list my name as well as the office name. After that, my business got delisted! I tried to delete and resubmit. My pin numbers came for both in the mail but still no listing 2 weeks latter. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mona

Anonymous said...

I have a business website I edited in google maps and that was fine but how to I update it also ? in the normal google search as the website listing needs altering? and is not updated along with other info and I am losing business

Dargil said...

I have been trying to add my business to google maps for over a month now and still nothing my url is if anyone has anything or knows any ways please advise

Joshuah Hounshell said...

Oh my GOD! Thank you so much for having this posted! My info was put up IMMEDIATELY!

Co-incidentally, I am in Charleston also!

Wendy said...

I thought that once I listed my company on Google Maps, then it would be more likely to show up in the (top 10 of the) local business listings that preceed other organic search results in Google. This is not the case so far, so does it have more to do with my search engine ranking than just being listed on Google maps? Thank you for your help!

DC Personal Trainer said...

Thank you for the post. I got listed on google ASAP.

Lela said...

my google personal account is listed as a business; I don't know how I managed to do this, I just need to know how to change it. I've been on the Google help site, but can't find info that helps me.

David Tussey said...

Hi Lela. Can you find your business when searching on If so, try clicking on your business to get the detail info popup, and then click on the "Edit" link...and then on the "Claim your business". One of the options there is "Suspend", which might be what you want. Let me know if this helps.

Chris said...

just found your blog while searching in Google for why my business doesn't show up on the map when I enter Norfolk Wedding photographer - my site is

I cannot see why it's not showing, I've had the listing and address details all there for over a year but just don't show, would appreciate any advice. Thank you, Chris Taylor. (

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Hello David, so glad that I have found you.

I own a laundromat. And I made the changes on the information under the CATEGORY and updated some information, but somehow everything did change as I wanted, except for the category. It is listed as category: hotel & travel, and I am trying to change it for laundromat self-service.... HELPPPPPP PLEASE. I edited 3xs, did the validation and everything, but it seems the category is the only thing it does not change (by the way, yes, I did change it when I edited). I know you mention it that it might take 3-4 weeks for existing business to be updated, but how the rest did change or updated immediately, except for the category which it is the most important?
Nobody can find the business under laundromat.

Please help me.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I own a travel agency for serviced apartments in the UK. We have suppliers of apartments around the UK and I wanted to know if we can list them on the local business centre? I have noticed other people do it, but wanted to know the legality before I do. I have already checked the Universal and Adiitional terms on Google but cannot see anything about "ownership of address" which I suppose is what it would be under???? Thanks!!

CJ said...

Hi David,
I have my business entered in LBC and it shows up when I do a Google Maps search. What is odd that it does not show up when I enter a local address and search for the keywords/categories related to my business (Search Nearby).

Any ideas?


iinterpreters said...

I had my business listed on Google maps then it disappeared.

1. Why did this happen and how can I prevent it in the future?

2. I have put up a new posting, but it hasn't come up yet. I received the password verification immediatly. It now says waiting for contect check. What is going on?

wap396 said...

I have spent hours working on my LBC. I cant figure out why my listing will not even pop up when i even use the zip code.
can you help tell me whats missing?
decor furniture san diego
or search furniture san diego

Mark said...

I appreciate the labor you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.

Brian said...

I am also having a problem with my Business not coming up on google maps. I am a pay per click customer and believe that I have done everything correctly but have had no luck.

nashville seo firm said...

I have noticed that businesses get listed very prominently when they first register, but then get pushed down by newer businesses. It can't be to Google's interest to favor newer businesses over more established businesses.

Anyone have a clue as to the programming of the local listing algorithm?

reception said...

For the past couple months I have been attempting to have our company listed on the top ten of the local business listings on google maps, specifically when people use certain keywords, such as: "lawyers in evergreen, colorado or attorneys in evergreen, colorado." I have tried talking to google customer support but they have not really helped. They keep directing me to directions on google that get me no where. What can I do. please e-mail me at

David Tussey said...

There is no way to get your business listed as a top item on Google Search. Google Search uses an algorithm for ranking that basically looks at the number of other sites that link to yours. So adding key words, etc., to your site will not cause Google to list it higher in search results.

Google Maps search is similar in that the search results are determined by the best "match" between the search terms, and the data that Google has on the business. There are name searches, and category searches. The best way to influence these results is by 1) taking "ownership" of your business on Google Maps, 2) contact major data providers such as Axiom, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, infoUSA, etc., and ensure they have your business listed correctly.

gogoett28 said...

Hi I just put my business on google maps, validated it and everything but when I go to the dashboard it still says 93% complete. Can anybody tell me why that is? What do I need to do to make it 100% complete?

David Tussey said...

No. I am not familiar with that. Did you receive the verification code? Could you send a screen shot? Just not sure what that means.

I do know that Google is working on streamlining the Local Business Center to make it better. Here's hoping.

active aerial services said...

i wonder if you can help i have posted my business in google maps but in doesnt appear where i want it to, the catergorie i requested is not listed (tv aerials).. do you have any sugestions my seach term is aerials in wandsworth and i wanted to be listed there but im not i am listed if you type active aerial services my web address is how can i fix this is there a way thanks

Anonymous said...

What could happen? If my firewalls are on I get kicked off the server during gameplay if I even get in at all. On the Playstation Site they say to enter port numbers but I may have did that wrong so I just take them off completely but only when I play online. Help?

Tony said...

My listing doesn't show up and I have done the phone verification. The company info is:

StaffingExperts Solutions Inc.
Suite 1000, 888 3rd St. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 5C5
(403) 313-4445

ballisticfighting said...

Thanks for all of your help. But I've done everything I can and I still can't get my business to show up on the maps.

Ballistic Fighting Methods
Randall Rd.
West Dundee, IL 60118

Anonymous said...

Brim over I to but I about the collection should acquire more info then it has.

Innovative Fitness said...

My business is not showing on google maps, do you have any suggestions?

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