Monday, April 30, 2007

Search Google Maps by Lat/Long

Did you know that you can search Google Maps by using Latitude and Longitude?
Well, you can. Positive latitude numbers are North. Negative are South. Positive longitude numbers are East. Negative are West. Enter values in decimal equivalent of deg, min, sec. Cool beans!

So Sydney, Australia is -33.866603,151.207108

And San Francisco becomes


NewType said...

Thanks for this info. :) I am just learning to play with an OEM GPS module and I found my own house with Lat/Long search. It is surprisingly accurate!

Anonymous said...

I tried it, (even using your exact coordinates)but Google maps returned this message:

"We could not understand the location 37.833649,-122.420654."

Blkjak111 said...

Some times on Mine I have to use a space after the comma
(+33.47375000, -112.12330000)
This should work when getting the error Message...B-)

Anonymous said...

Acurate, not... It says im in water about 40 miles off